Dead Island: Riptide – ‘Water to heavily influence gameplay’; Improved PC version

Dead Island: Riptide is a zombie game with a soul, i.e., the developers are heavily invested in seeing it raise the bar for the genre.

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Kaizin5143025d ago

From article: "As the developer comes from a PC background we are confident that you will be pleased again!"

I, personally, was far from pleased with the PC version of Dead Island. It felt much like an afterthought and it had many launch issues. Not to mention, the game was just mediocre at best. The concept was great but it was just executed poorly.

Most developers have a PC background, especially considering the programming is done on a PC, so his statement is quite pointless. No HD pack, probably no major improvements, a few graphical options... This doesn't scream someone who has a "PC background." The article also fails to point how this PC version is "improved" as the article states.

While I understand I may be a little jaded on Dead Island, I do still want to see it get better and I think it would be glorious if they added mod support to really expand this game (and have people update their own textures).

// end rant

Eldyraen3025d ago

Not exactly informative regarding "PC improvements" but I'm curious how its going to turn out. I enjoyed DI and hope they can improve and add enough to keep it interesting. I love diversity especially in open world games as exploring/discoverying new sites/locations and being able to play around how I want to are a big part of why I love the genre in the first place.

I wonder if with boats being a new vehicle if the game world will be more open with multiple islands, simply for off shore transport more like Crysis or means of travel between regions more like the armored car in the first.

MasterD9193025d ago

I just got Dead Island and have been enjoying it. It wasn't nearly as terrible as I had originally read it was.

I've pre-ordered this game under the guise that hopefully they have fixed many of the issues of the first game, created a better story and have included more weapons this time.