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There's simply no denying that our brothers in the East have a decidedly different view of the world than we do. So when a publisher takes the risk of localizing a title in the west that's clearly aimed at the Japaneses market, it's understandable that certain nuances can get lost in translation. Then again, we too often cite cultural differences as an excuse for poor writing, ugly visual design, or esoteric gameplay systems. Compile Heart's new RPG, Mugen Souls, is guilty of all these offenses and more, and none of it has anything to with the nationality of its creators or its intended audience.

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izumo_lee3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I get sick & tired of 'western' game media that give titles like this harsh criticism for being distinctly Japanese.

These games are made for a specific audience that enjoy slap-stick anime troupes. Stuff like panty-shots, jpop music, 'Moe' girls, crazy dialogue, & outrageous storylines are normal for a lot of anime & there is NOTHING wrong with that.

Some people want Japanese developers to remain Japanese but when they do it gets criticized for being Japanese? WTF!!!

So this review is poorly done & does not understand these games. For me personally I love these types of games & i appreciate NISA for bringing it over.

Bimkoblerutso3021d ago

I have to say that it is unfair that Western games don't get the same critical eye that Eastern games get from Western critics, though I don't necessarily think Western developers are too hard on Eastern games. Reviews are meant to be critical, after all. I think they're just way, WAY too forgiving toward Western games.

It often amazes me the issues that Western critics are willing to overlook in Western games but not in Eastern games. Just to be clear, though, they ARE issues, and to be fair, Eastern critics are the same way toward most Western games.