IGN - Can PS3's Until Dawn Succeed Where Datura Didn't?

IGN - A teen horror flick in playable form? Count me in... tenatively.

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Snookies123506d ago

Not unless they add dualshock support. I'm cool with the premise and want to play the game, but I really dislike motion controls this gen. It's not often a developer can pull off good use of motion control.

GribbleGrunger3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Sorcery did... but I'm with you. I just can't get along with motion controls. How am I supposed to smoke my cigarette and drink my beer if I'm flailing like a lunatic in front of the TV!? I'd like to slump further into my chair, thank you, and perhaps even doze off for five minutes if necessary!

Snookies123506d ago

Lol! Well said good sir, well said.

Army_of_Darkness3506d ago

I've been waiting forever for another mature move game! cause it has not been used since house of the head overkill( one of the best move games) and i wanna have a reason to wipe that dust off my controllers.

GribbleGrunger3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

oh yeah, I'm not saying, 'don't go out and buy it', I'm just saying MOVE games are not for me. I just find it difficult to relax and get into... perhaps my antisocial tendencies are not served well by these types of games.

A lot of people DO love them though and I'm actually interested in this game. I think the target demographic is an interesting one and I'll be keeping my eye on how it does this Christmas. The demographic for this game is the antithesis of the demographic for Wonderbook and this scissor attack strategy for Christmas could pay dividends.

We'll see.

abzdine3506d ago

motion gaming is great when it's well used. it helps and provides a full immersion because you need to do some special moves to have the thing done right unlike the controller where you can just drink whatever you have in one hand and just press a button with the other hand.

i'm very confident in Until Dawn since it's a Sony game and nothing better than a Sony team to take good advantage of Sony's motion control device.

Killzone 3 Move support blew me away, i therefore know how good the gaming experience can be is the controls are done right.

Bring it on Supermassive Games !!!

sikbeta3506d ago

Motion-waggle is a waste, except for pointer-control functionality, moving the controller in the direction you want to shoot in a FPS game is good, waggle your arms like dumb to re-create a movement in the game is stupid.


I want to try this game with DS3, like it should be with any game.

guitarded773505d ago

Until Dawn and Datura are totally different games and concepts. It's stupid to compare the two. We haven't seen enough of Until Dawn to know much more than the first trailer was awesome for horror buffs. I hope it does succeed, because the concept is great... they just need the execution to be great.

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FunAndGun3506d ago

Its funny, people complain that there are no Move games created from the ground up with only Move in mind. Then one comes along, and everyone wants DS support.

I hope it stays Move only because that is how the game is made to be played. Watch there be complaints from people who play it with a DS saying it doesn't feel right or the controls are tacked on.

GribbleGrunger3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Oh, I agree. Sony will be selling MOVE bundles this Christmas so it would be remiss of them to offer duelshock support from the start. Perhaps a six months delay would be the wise thing to do.

With Sports Champion 2 and Wonderbook coming, the MOVE could do nicely this Christmas. And this could maintain that momentum next year. Variety is key here and Sony haven't put all their eggs in one basket, offering AAA duelshock games too... and plenty of them

FunAndGun3505d ago

I agree with you there Gribble.

I just want the game to utilize the Move fully and for them to implement all the gameplay mechanics with that in mind. Without saying, "oh, we can't do that because it won't work for DS players then."

If they can make the game work for DS players that doesn't feel broken after the game releases, then that would be cool.

mephish3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

move only.. no thanks...good concept.. just don't care for the motion controls...

brettyd3506d ago

This game only makes sense with Move, thats what it was made for.

MySwordIsHeavenly3506d ago

Why do people hate motion controls all of a sudden? I absolutely love Move.

I need that explained to me. Why would someone want LESS immersion?

Blankman853506d ago

Not all of a sudden, it's been that way since wii. You only love motion controls now because SONY is kinda into it now.
Truth is, the isn't a single great retail Move exclusive game.

shenpo_shin3506d ago

sorcery is good but sony again fail to promote this game

MySwordIsHeavenly3506d ago

Datura only failed in the eyes of reviewers. I thought it was fantastic!

Knushwood Butt3505d ago

Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot too, and the combination of Move and 3D was really good. Holding the map up to your face and manipulating it with Move in 3D was really jaw dropping for me. Some of the later sections were awesome too.

Regardless, Datura has nothing to do with Until Dawn. Makes about as much sense as comparing Until Dawn with Tumble.

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