Man admits he still has no goddamn idea how to fly a helicopter in BF3

A 28-year-old man today revealed that despite almost a year of intensive practice, he still has absolutely no goddamn idea how you’re supposed to fly those piece of shit helicopters in Battlefield 3.

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abzdine2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

i understand him :D

Killzone 2 was my very first FPS and it took me time before i understood everything, very long time especially online with the unlocking, classes systems upgrades, missions objectives, how to place the turrets, launch an air drone, heal... and i'm not ashamed to say it nobody is good at everything the first time.
Now there is no single killzone 2 or 3 game where i dont finish in top 3 scorer.

ThatHappyGamer2592d ago

Placing Turrets in KZ2 /= Flying Choppers in Battlefield.

EL Lanf2592d ago

It's not that hard, just point the sticks in the directions you want to go! Although, it would be nice if they removed the angle limits to rolling, you can start rolling heavily enough to ensure crashing, yet they don't allow you to do a full barrel roll. It's not like helicopters can't realistically do it.

BC2 is probably the easiest to learn to fly on, then go to BF3, and change the controls of helis to match those, whilst in BF3 you do need to feel like you need to roll and tilt into the direction, whereas BC2 felt more like push the stick to achieve this direction (subtle difference) the skills transfer a fair bit.

Newbies' biggest mistake is trying to bank to much to one side, all it does to them is set them into an uncontrollable course.

chukamachine2592d ago


BF3 choppers and planes are easy

Harder bf games to fly were bf vietnam.

BF2 was easy.

I remember people not getting any better when playing quake3. was like taking candy from a baby.

Cam9772592d ago

Haha, fortunately I picked it up around launch as I enjoyed piloting choppers (and still do).

MurDocINC2592d ago

I learned in Desert Combat, where it was 10 times harder. Any BF since then is easy.

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