Spy Hunter Hits PlayStation Vita

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has today launched the first title in the reboot of the classic Spy Hunter series. Available throughout the UK from today, Spy Hunter has arrived on PlayStation Vita for the very first time, with a Nintendo 3DS release to follow.

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Muffins12233769d ago

And looks like a cellphone game

Mr-Zex3769d ago

How the hell does this go for a retail game worth $50? Honestly it looks like it was poorly made by a bunch of indie devs. Don't companies realize what the PS Vita can do yet? :/

TitanUp3769d ago

some developers still don't know what the ps3 can do

Godmars2903769d ago

This is a Vita game.

Actually its a 3DS port to the Vita.

rpd1233768d ago

@ Godmars

He knows it's a Vita game, his point is that they still have untapped potential in the PS3, so how the hell would they know everything the Vita can do.

EmperorDalek3768d ago


Which developer's are you referring to?
Or might it be that developers calculate how much profit can be made and dont see the point in spending more money than is needed when making a game?

Why spend 6-12 months longer polishing a game for a given platform if its not going to yield any more in terms of sales on that platform.

GribbleGrunger3769d ago

Looks like a bail out to me.

thebudgetgamer3769d ago

That doesn't look very good at all.

hkgamer3768d ago

looks very boring, not a game I wouldbe interested in.
But I guess it doesn't hurt the vita for having more games.