Borderlands 2 shifts 1.5 million copies in September in US

Borderlands 2 took America by storm. Gearbox's celebrated co-op shooter RPG sold a whopping 1.48 million copies during September.

That's 234 per cent higher than Borderlands 1 managed in its launch month of October 2009, NPD revealed.

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fermcr3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Not bad at all.

Very good game. Deserves it.

Majin-vegeta3505d ago

And i was one of them :D.

dark-hollow3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

This game is awesome!
Seriously for anyone who's on the fence and never played the first game (i didn't but I heard its pretty solid) you should seriously consider this game.

I didn't finish the game yet (lvl 13 mechromancer) but so far so good.

MysticStrummer3505d ago

It is awesome indeed. It's not often that I immediately play a game again once I go through the story. If I really like a game I'll play it again but not right away. With Borderlands 2 I've finished the game twice on Normal mode and once on True Vault Hunter mode. Great fun.

ApolloTheBoss3505d ago

I literally blew away from the screen after I saw that number. Kick-Ass job, Gearbox!!

ShaunCameron3505d ago

Pitchford's on to something with this IP.

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