"Rockstar Experimenting with GTA4 Episodic Content"

Kotaku wirtes, "I ask Barrera about Grand Theft Auto IV's episodic content. Why can't Rockstar use GTA as a platform, I ask. Why bother coming up with another GTA for this generation of consoles, couldn't the developer just create episodes for the game and live off that?

"We are calling the downloadable content (coming to the Xbox 360) episodes," he said.

But it's "an experiment" they're quick to add. Right now Rockstar doesn't seem sure that there are enough users with access to online content on the 360 to make it worthwhile for them to continue pumping out episodes"

replikka5916d ago

should release them online for free, freeeeeee. i dont buy online content. ill prefer to play the main game and call it a frikkin day.

power of Green 5916d ago

Don't force your view on us though DLC is taking off. and adds value to the games we invest in. knowing the game is going to be expanded is a plus to many.

"Playing through a game and calling it a day" but wanting the content "to be free" doesn't even make any sense(sounds like a spiteful comment with all due respect).

Another thing that doesn't make any sense is the fact Kotaku came to this conclusion RockStar isn't sure about the content when all dude said is we're an experimenting lol.

Can you say tabloid!!!!! quality site.

Bnet3435916d ago

Buying DLC is like buying an expansion pack. Sometimes it's worth it, depending the price and what you get in return. For example, Oblivion Shivering Isles is a worthy piece of DLC because you pay $30 for 100 hours of gameplay.

socomnick5916d ago

Is rockstar crazy there are over 10 million users on Xbox live when they release the episodes it will sell. It will make rockstar quite a bit of money.

v1c1ous5916d ago

every other week is a new downloadable plane for ace combat 6.

and i know its working for them, cause i keep buying them :(

TheXgamerLive5916d ago (Edited 5916d ago )

So I don't really believe they said "not enough users on live". Also, with the release of GTA IV there will be several millions of new users and consoles sold to up that substantially, so that's a horrid though, if they really said that.

Even EA and there sucky games is doing great from "Live" DLC.

power of Green 5916d ago

I know, thats strange that dude said that when the game will sell like Halo on the platform making the content a very wise investment.

So sick of the tabloid Kotaku.

power of Green 5916d ago

Who's dissagreeing?.

RockStar will sell more content packs than most devs will sell titles in the GENERATION!!!!.

This post is ridiculous.

5916d ago
power of Green 5916d ago

What in the hell did you just say?. lol reported.

5916d ago
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purple101140d ago

We be getting these posts All week now lads. Someone noticed a number plate ... Someone noticed a billboard... I can see it now

Just go on YouTube and watch one of the many videos dissecting the whole 1minite 30secs worth.

This site supposed to be for news.

roadkillers140d ago

These updates on N4G are going to ruin whats rest of this site. Unfortunate since I was one of the first members.. The site shows unsecure when i login as well.


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franwex357d ago

Wasn’t the Table Tennis game the first to use RAGE?

isarai357d ago

Was about to say the same, but they do say first "in the franchise" so 🤷

cammers1995357d ago

The fact it hasnt been remastered is insane.

Abear21357d ago

Rage engine made driving on the sidewalk in cinematic slow motion camera a blast


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Machina360d ago

The series' most overhyped and overrated (especially by critics) more like.

Number1TailzFan360d ago

Not sure tbh.. I'd say 3 was the most overrated. It's pretty rough to go back to, it was quite rough even trying it just after Vice City. Lack of humour and vehicles that had the weight of polystyrene with top speeds to match.

VC & the stories games (even LCS) were all fun. I remember there being a lot of praise for GTA 3 on TV and in game mags, saying it was a Dreamcast killer of a game or words to that effect, and honestly after playing it on PC I didn't think it was that special and kind of dull, had the odd moment of fun but hardly anything. I heard they cut online multiplayer at the last moment for PC, shame because it could've made all the difference.

Would've loved to have seen what kind of cartoony GTA style game they could've done on Dreamcast as a competitor, I bet something along the lines of Simpsons Hit & Run would've worked well.

BlackTar187359d ago

@numberz How can the game that defined a generation and was copied by everyone be overrated? Was a asinine comment

seanpitt23359d ago

For me 4 was better than 5 was more realistic and the physics was on another level! 5 was a major let down in that department!

Number1TailzFan359d ago

@blacktar you have your opinion i have mine. I found the game dull, and it is for the most part. It set the foundation for the much superior SA and VC however.

KwietStorm_BLM358d ago

You say GTA III is overrated because it's rough to go back to and rough to play after Vice City. Your entire opinion is in hindsight. Of course it's rough going back to it today. It came out over 20 years ago. That doesn't take away from the fact that it pioneered a lot and was a paradigm shift for a lot of trends in game development today. Vice City in a lot of ways is just a more refined version of III. It was San Andreas that took the big leap forward from a design perspective. If III doesn't release, who knows if the open world genre would be what it is now. How can that be overrated?

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1nsomniac359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Not at all. My most played game of all time. Truly stunning accomplishment in gaming and with PC graphics mods it just took it to levels beyond anything that came before and possibly even after.

People who moan about it generally tend to be people who played it on under powered consoles and couldn’t handle the more realistic car physics. It was the slightly more realistic approach that made it stand out more. Absolutely love it. In fact I always said Vice city was my favourite of all time. But after going back to the remaster I realised 4 was actually the best.