"Rockstar Experimenting with GTA4 Episodic Content"

Kotaku wirtes, "I ask Barrera about Grand Theft Auto IV's episodic content. Why can't Rockstar use GTA as a platform, I ask. Why bother coming up with another GTA for this generation of consoles, couldn't the developer just create episodes for the game and live off that?

"We are calling the downloadable content (coming to the Xbox 360) episodes," he said.

But it's "an experiment" they're quick to add. Right now Rockstar doesn't seem sure that there are enough users with access to online content on the 360 to make it worthwhile for them to continue pumping out episodes"

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replikka4998d ago

should release them online for free, freeeeeee. i dont buy online content. ill prefer to play the main game and call it a frikkin day.

power of Green 4998d ago

Don't force your view on us though DLC is taking off. and adds value to the games we invest in. knowing the game is going to be expanded is a plus to many.

"Playing through a game and calling it a day" but wanting the content "to be free" doesn't even make any sense(sounds like a spiteful comment with all due respect).

Another thing that doesn't make any sense is the fact Kotaku came to this conclusion RockStar isn't sure about the content when all dude said is we're an experimenting lol.

Can you say tabloid!!!!! quality site.

Bnet3434997d ago

Buying DLC is like buying an expansion pack. Sometimes it's worth it, depending the price and what you get in return. For example, Oblivion Shivering Isles is a worthy piece of DLC because you pay $30 for 100 hours of gameplay.

socomnick4998d ago

Is rockstar crazy there are over 10 million users on Xbox live when they release the episodes it will sell. It will make rockstar quite a bit of money.

v1c1ous4998d ago

every other week is a new downloadable plane for ace combat 6.

and i know its working for them, cause i keep buying them :(

TheXgamerLive4998d ago (Edited 4998d ago )

So I don't really believe they said "not enough users on live". Also, with the release of GTA IV there will be several millions of new users and consoles sold to up that substantially, so that's a horrid though, if they really said that.

Even EA and there sucky games is doing great from "Live" DLC.

power of Green 4997d ago

I know, thats strange that dude said that when the game will sell like Halo on the platform making the content a very wise investment.

So sick of the tabloid Kotaku.

power of Green 4997d ago

Who's dissagreeing?.

RockStar will sell more content packs than most devs will sell titles in the GENERATION!!!!.

This post is ridiculous.

4997d ago
power of Green 4997d ago

What in the hell did you just say?. lol reported.

4997d ago
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