NBA 2K13 Review Xbox 360 ( Basketball games of this generation have often been plagued by complicated controls, 2K13 has made strides to change that. Likely the most talked about and single biggest control and gameplay innovation this year is the introduction of the ‘dribble stick’. In previous iterations the right analog stick was used for shooting, the ‘shot stick’ was a natural evolution in its time however; its replacement was well overdue. The dribble stick adds a certain depth and freedom when handling the ball, by a simple roll of the stick you’ll be performing crossovers and spin moves, undressing defenders on your way to the basket. A reverse half-rotation of your control stick ending in your desired direction of travel, should result in a spin and drive type animation, opening the lane for players to drive to the basket. Unlike the now defunct NBA Live series that had players of high rating practically untouchable when handling the ball, Visual Concepts avoided this by tying the use of the dribble stick into a players energy bar, forcing the ability to share a ‘cooldown’ with other elements such as turbo. Use either too frequently and you will find your players fatigued.

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