What's Inside Rockstar Games Collection Edition 2?

IGN - Not real, but it probably will be.

Rockstar Games announced that it will release a $60 collection bundling GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles -- Rockstar calls this "Edition 1" of the Rockstar Games Collection.

So what's going into Edition 2?

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DarkBlood3506d ago

its a great bundle as i have none of those games lol except i dont really want midnightclub and the rest except gta isnt the complete edition

MrBeatdown3506d ago

I hope they do some HD versions of PS2 games.

Any combination of GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas, Manhunt, Max Payne 1 and 2, and The Warriors would be fantastic.

NYC_Gamer3505d ago

I would buy that kind of collection

ZeroChaos3505d ago

I am still shocked and surprised they have not done any sort of HD collection for GTA3, VC and SA (LCS and VCS) or Max Payne; those collections are sort after and wanted.

MrBeatdown3505d ago

Same here.

GTA has got to be the most requested collection out there.

What really gets me is that they've ported GTA3 and Max Payne to smartphones.

tweet753505d ago

no more collections of games most of us have! Rockstar needs to bring out a series of NEW kickass games