Until Dawn hires award-winning Hollywood talent to write it

Eurogamer - Developer "seriously considering" DualShock support, encourages fan feedback on that.

Sony's Move exclusive teen horror parody Until Dawn is being penned by a couple of Hollywood horror gurus.

Larry Fessenden who wrote and directed the award-winning indie horror flicks Habit and Wendigo will be handling the script alongside Graham Reznick, a horror aficionado who wore many different hats in the film industry.

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LOGICWINS3026d ago

"Developer Supermassive Games executive producer Pete Samuels said the game will be about seven hours long"

Good. Then the game should be $15-$20.

BitbyDeath3026d ago

If that were the case then games like COD would also be $15 dollars.

Blankman853026d ago

CoD has a multiplayer that extends those hours by over 20 times for some.

BitbyDeath3026d ago

Until Dawn has branching storylines that change based on your decisions ingame which would lead to over 20 hours as well.

GribbleGrunger3025d ago

If you think that running around on the same maps for hours and hours of 'kill', 'die', 're-spawn' is a good enough rebuttal -- and your the norm -- then I fear for the future of gaming.

sinncross3026d ago

Id that not just one play through? The devs have stated that the story can change in multiple ways depending on which of the characters survive and which die etc

so it could be longer.

etebitan3025d ago

the game is supposed to have 30 endings... stop trolling!!

DG903025d ago

If it's only 7 hours long.. I hope they make some DLC.

etebitan3025d ago

it has 30 endings.. so there's lots of replayability there!!

MySwordIsHeavenly3025d ago

Many people will pay $20 for a 2 hour movie, but won't pay $60 for a 7 hour game.

Do they still teach math in public schools?