6 Random Video Game Characters Really Look Like… This?? (As Written By A Jerk) counts down some unlikely voice actors behind famous video game characters.

As the title implies, I am about to judge people, based on their appearances. I am going to enjoy it. There is freedom in being a jerk, and yes, this is wrong and it makes me a horrible person but I am not going to get racist or sexist or anything, and for better or worse, we live in a world where anything else goes. It is exciting even, like I am getting away with something naughty, so I will be as douchy as I can, while I can. Having said that, here are some very unlikely voice actors behind our favorite video game characters.

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Snookies122974d ago

I was about to rage over the Mario one, because that is a REALLY nice guy. Though you did add that, so I suppose I'll be content with that. XD

Y_51502974d ago

You noticed this...
" Mario
(Every Nintendo game)"
I thought that was already pushing it! XD

MWH2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Shadow Warrior, one of the best games of old. i wish they make a sequel, the ending demands one, Lo Wang demandeds..

"whooo wants some Wang?"

funny article, especially the SW part.

Unztayble2974d ago

entertaining article, especially the prank call with the old guy from Diablo. A bit harsh on the Kratos guy.

Boysangur2973d ago

A bit but he's being a jerk.