Final Update - Pandora's Tower Campaign

After 15 months of campaigning for Pandora’s Tower, and the launch of Nintendo’s next console in just over one month, Operation Rainfall will be ending their campaign for Pandora’s Tower to be launched in America via physical release.

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jc485732970d ago

it's ok. Not saying I didn't care for this game, but I was glad we got the big 2. I'm just more concerned about Fatal Frame than this.

dekeliko2970d ago

It's kind of sad, but really, there was hardly anyone taking part in the last couple of events.

omarzy2969d ago

Would it really hurt Nintendo to bring over a Wii game at this point? They are well above borderline already if profit is the concern, and they are launching a new console in one month. Just being the game over! It is already in English, so just bring it over. I really want to play this game, and the Kirby collection before i get a Wii U.