PETA + Pokemon = Problems "PETA's newest campaign, while little more than an obnoxious joke to the gamer community is trying to take pot shots at another Nintendo franchise. With the title "Pokemon Black & Blue, Gotta Free 'Em All" it would seem that PETA hasn't learned its lesson after the "Mario Kills Tanooki" fiasco last year."

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aznrunner18812976d ago

free the pokemon. #petaswag

Sgt_Slaughter2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )


HammadTheBeast2975d ago

Yeah, lets focus on F***ING VIDEOGAMES when there's real animal abuse going on!

Seems legit.

RustInPeace2975d ago

Its morbidly funny that PETA is all for "animal rights", yet if anyone that supports them dug into filed reports, they would find that not only do they partake in massive slaughtering of animals but they also support domestic terrorism in the form of groups like the A.L.F.

TheFirstClassic2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

@RustInPeace I've heard a little about that, not sure if its true or not, but either way I haven't seen any reason at all to like PETA. Like Hammad said, why the hell would you attack pokemon when its doing little to nothing to cause a problem? There are so many more deserving things to go after. Most of the things they do just seem insane.

jon12342975d ago

haha wow, i was curious about you, and my suspicions were right, you do this on other articles, so youre the old news police i take it?

Yodagamer2975d ago

Off all games to hate it's pokemon, at least it's fake animals, where were they when they had explosives attached to dogs in mw3

GasTankKiller2975d ago

Wish I could hit "agree" a hundred more times.

HammadTheBeast2975d ago

Or when we stab that filthy sewer rat in BF3...

tisk tisk PETA's really let themselves go.

NastyDaddeh2975d ago

peta did bitch about the rat stabbing.

TekoIie2975d ago

But that little ****** provoked me!!!!

Parapraxis2975d ago

I wonder how they feel about

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The story is too old to be commented.