Daily Reaction: PlayStation Network, The State of Play

With the PlayStation Store set to get its first major overhaul in a few years, Daily Reaction’s Sebastian Moss and Dan Oravarsaraararrariaii discuss the revamp, as well as weighing up the PSN as a whole, what we like, and what we want to see improved. - PSLS

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knifefight2975d ago

Re "Dan Oravarsaraararrariaii"
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble with this name.

GribbleGrunger2975d ago

Here's some footage of the new store in action:

Obnoxious_Informer2975d ago

So stoked for the new PsStore, exciting that it'll be regularly updated due to the HTML5 support.

andibandit2975d ago

"So Stoked for the new PsStore"

Eeehhhhmmm ok............suddenly my life dosn't seem booring at all.