Should Pokémon fighting be banned? - Great Debate

GamesRadar - Just how dangerous is Pokémon fighting?

Recently, animal rights group PETA put out an interactive flash game speaking out against Nintendo’s Pokémon series, officially standing against Pokemon capturing, training, and battles. While many poked fun at this and highlighted it as an example of PETA being out of touch, it definitely got us thinking: if Pokémon were real, why wouldn't this conversation come up more? Should Pokemon fighting be banned?

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Snookies122969d ago

It's a GAME! There's a lot of actual crap going on in the real world, yet they're worried about virtual animals?? They're just lines of code! -_-

Relientk772969d ago

I know PETA is crazy. They probably just have nothing else to whine about and are bored lol

TopDudeMan2969d ago

It was about this time I just stopped reading...

Venox20082969d ago

maybe they still didnt see tokyo jungle....yet :) but yea, they are stupid to worry about games

Knight_Crawler2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Oh god yes...make love not war, bring on the Pokemon porn :0)

kent800820072969d ago

They're not worried about virtual animals getting hurt, they're worried that pokemon gives younger generations the wrong mindset and encourage animal abuse

DragonKnight2969d ago

Which is stupid as that would require 2 things. 1. Negligent parents and 2. Pre-existing mental issues.

HammadTheBeast2968d ago

I love killing electric rats. Pokemon logic.

boyzilla2969d ago

Haha, I was bored and played that PETA game.
I won the first match or so and they're like, "Congratulations! You won the battle, here's your prize!" It was a sad video of abused animals... worst... prize... ever... :'(

Relientk772968d ago

Really wow what a great prize lol, see that stuff on TV all the time

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DrRichtofen2969d ago

Shouldn't Peta be worrying about and helping out real animals?

Besides Pokemon like to battle, if they didn't then they don't have to just like when Ash's Charmeleon first evolved into Charizard. That thing didn't wanna do nothing! :)

Relientk772969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I remember that, when it was Charmeleon, and then Charizard too for awhile the thing didnt listen to Ash at all lol.

If I was a Pokemon I wouldn't listen to him either he was a terrible Pokemon trainer. The main purpose of Pokemon was to catch 'em all, and through the first season he only caught like 8 Pokemon.

edit @ below: nice, dude I know what you mean.

DrRichtofen2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

He may not have caught them all, or even enough to compare with Gary Oak. But unlike Gary he bonded with all his Pokemon giving them numerous opportunities to grow and become stronger, and made them all feel as if they were apart of a family (something peta easily looks past) that's why when Ash had to finally let Butterfree go, it was such an emotional moment in the series.

Also does Peta realize that many of the Pokemon that were abandoned and turned away from by their original owners, were later rescued and cared for. I think I like the messages shown throughout Pokemon, more than what Peta is trying to prove.

BitbyDeath2969d ago

Good thing PETA haven't caught onto Tokyo Jungle just yet :-s

r212969d ago

I dont know, they might actually like Tokyo Jungle seeing as no human are in the game and it basically involves the survival of the fittest animal.

Saturne32969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

PETA stay out of the "funny" headlines and help those poor abandoned animals.

PETA should be all about serious matters...

Swiggins2968d ago

Except PETA isn't a serious organization at all...

Hell they're closer to domestic terrorists than actual animal rights activists.

We're talking about an organization that kills over 10,000 animals a year. Not starving, hurt or injured animals mind you, just animals, most of which are household pets that PETA have either stolen directly or from the pound. They kill because they say the Animals are unadoptable...they have no criteria for this justification.

Not to mention they regularly support the ELF (Earth Liberation Front) and the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) Both of which ARE Terrorist Organizations responsible for multiple bombings and assaults.

boybato2969d ago

I want to be the very best...

iheartdestr0y2969d ago

To catch them is my real important test...

Swiggins2968d ago

To train them is my caaauuusssseee!

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