Wii U's release missed Rayman Origins? Ubisoft worked with Wii U early on?

Rayman creator Michel Ancel said they had been working on Rayman Origins for the Wii U, but when they found out that the Wii U would not be out until sometime in 2012, they had to drop the Wii U idea for Origins.

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Yodagamer2969d ago

I'm sure alot of developers did, the rumors of the wii u have been happening for years.

ChunkyLover532969d ago

Rayman legends was pushed back into 2013, the real reason it was pushed back is because the Nintendo Wii U has a strong launch lineup and Rayman was being pushed aside, especially when going up against New Super Mario Bro's U.

SlavisH22969d ago

this is why I hope 4 a ps360 release!

Moncole2969d ago

True. There are so many great launch games that they cant take a chance no one will buy thing.