Capcom reveals Darkstalkers Resurrection for PSN/XBLA

Capcom has usually come with a surprise or two when it attends Comic Con. This year's NYCC is no different.

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jc485732968d ago

i wish it was on disc. Always wanted to own a copy.

pompombrum2968d ago

Most people were hoping for a brand new dark stalkers game but going by how Capcom are doing currently, probably better off leaving this series intact the way it is so the XBLA/PSN route was probably a good option.

RockmanII72968d ago

Didn't MvC2 come out on XBLA/PSN just before MvC3 was announced?

jc485732968d ago

what makes this even more surprising is that Ono made the announcement, so there's your hint right there.

CoryHG2968d ago

I wonder how they'll ruin this? $30? Half the characters at original release? 3D?

snowman21492968d ago

Capcom's main goal this day is money. Selling an XBLA game is a dumb movie profit wise because no one will buy it so thats out of the question. 3D? when has capcom ever done 3D?

Simon_Brezhnev2968d ago

You know they will its capcom. lol

MySwordIsHeavenly2967d ago

I was with you until 3D. I love 3D gaming.

Chrono2968d ago

Capcom really loves porting its games.

Mikefizzled2968d ago

They do but no one loves porting games more than Sega. I wouldn't be surprised if Sega Bass Fishing and Sonic 1-3 is released on every major console ever to be released.

BlaqMagiq242968d ago

Dat nostalgia factor.

BTW wasn't Darkstalkers 3 already released as a PS1 classic? Wonder what will happen to that?