Tomb Raider’s Influence on the Uncharted Series

When speaking to the average PlayStation 3 fan about which game is the best PS3 exclusive the answers are astonishing. Nearly every player asked answered Uncharted; Uncharted 2 to be specific. When asking these players why they had such strong feelings toward the series the most common answer tended to be something like, “Because there is no other game out there like it.” As we know the game is great and does have original points, it is not understood how a fan could answer that there is no other game on the market like the Uncharted series

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TheSuperior 2976d ago

Lol gamers are funny of course the games are similar they are two games in the same genre. I was new to PS3 a while back searching for those great exclusives when Uncharted was recomended and i was told that same thing "No other game like it" come to find it was a great game but i kept thinking Tomb Raider when i was playing.

Speaking of which can anyone tell me a few other great PS3 exclusives? I have played Uncharted, Heavy Rain and Twisted Metal; also looking into God of War. Cant wait for Beyond and The Last of Us. What are some of the wonderful people at N4G's favorites?

Blankman852976d ago

I'd recommend Killzone 3. But plan 2 first so the story makes sense. Do not go into it thinking you'll be blown away by the graphics, I fell for the hype and thought I would but not really.
Heavenly Sword is another gem, my favourite STORY on PS3, I hope SONY get off their backsides and make a sequel already.

TheSuperior 2976d ago

Thanks alot. Im just so new to PS3 but know that there are some great exclusives out there that i dont know about.

I have been a huge Xbox fan for years but my god all i want is games and they are throwing smart glass at me. That was when i knew if i wanted to play good looking games i would have to switch to PlayStation.

Gothdom2976d ago

3d dot game heroes
Demon's Souls

On the top of my head, those name popped up.

Treezy5042976d ago

Demon's Souls for me as well and 3D Dot Game Heroes is also a great one.

Cam9772976d ago

Demon's souls
Gran turismo 5
Ratchet & Clank HD
jak & Daxter HD

--- Upcoming ---
The last of us
Beyond: two souls

Blankman852976d ago

If he's had an xbox 360 and has played either Forza 3 or 4 then GT5 would be a step down in my opinion and I've played all 3.
Agreed on Lbp

Thatguy-3102976d ago

They're not similar. The only similarities is that they go on a mission to retrieve this special artifact while competing with bad guys that want it themselves. Like i said before there is more influence to Indiana Jones than to tombraider.

wishingW3L2976d ago

Uncharted is a cover-based cinematic and very linear shooter with a puzzle between stages. Uncharted series shares more similarities with Gears of War, Crash Bandicoot and Indiana Jones than with Tomb Raider. The games are so different in presentation, gameplay and story that saying that you like one doesn't mean that you will like the other.

Tomb Raider has more exploration, the platforming is more acrobatic like Mario, is not cinematic, less action oriented, less linear and more boring too. It doesn’t has a cover mechanic, the story is not charming, doesn’t have many recurring second characters… Only someone that hasn’t played both can say that they are similar. Tomb Raider has never been story-driven either and its reboot looks like is taking lots of cues from Uncharted.

thehitman2976d ago

agree i hated tomb raider but loved uncharted for the same differences u explained. They are NOT a like besides the genre and that they are exploring for treasure/artifacts.

NeoTribe2976d ago

Do yourself a favor and play ratchet and clank a crack in time. Fantastic game.

BitbyDeath2976d ago

Make sure you also check out inFamous and Motorstorm - Pacific Rift

TheFirstClassic2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

The ones mentioned so far are good, and I would also recommend Infamous 1 and 2. Also warhawk, its only five bucks used at gamestop. Its a multiplayer only game, imagine halo but in third person and more cartoony and less futuristic. What's great about it is the four player splitscreen online, and its much more fun when you have people to play with. Me and my friends would actually get one of us to capture the flag, and then another would fly up in a jet, and whoever took the flag would jump on top of the jet and ride to safety. Or we would grab rocket launchers and rain hell down while riding on the hawks, plenty of cool moments like that. Isn't as much fun without buddies tho.

Also, Demon's Souls is the single best game this gen imo. A must have, especially if you are a lover of old school games.

SAE2976d ago

resistance 1/2/3
motor storm 1

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Relientk772976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I like how Uncharted was influenced by Tomb Raider, and now with the reboot, it's the other way around

Heisenburger2976d ago

Exactly! :) It's synergy.

This is how the industry improves and moves forward.

I am anticipating this release.(That's what sh.....)

NastyLeftHook02976d ago

tomb raider and uncharted are considered good games by the media.

beerkeg2976d ago

Thanks for that fantastic information.

2976d ago Replies(1)

No Tomb Raider... No Uncharted enough said

ShaunCameron2976d ago

Gears Of War + Tomb Raider = Uncharted


No Gears of War... No Tomb Raider... No Uncharted... Final answer.

BitbyDeath2976d ago

No Winback, No Gears of War


No Winback... No Gears of War... No Tomb Raider... No Uncharted... No new Tomb Raider

Oh and no Indiana Jones no Tomb Raider either


No Winback... No Gears of War... No Indiana Jones... No Tomb Raider... No Uncharted...

Oh and we probably won't have a new tomb raider without Uncharted


No Winback... No Gears of War... No Indiana Jones... No Tomb Raider... No Uncharted... No new Tomb Raider

Should i keep going?

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