Mind Blowing PS3 Gaming Arcade Cabinet Has Everything You'd Want

GR - "This arcade cabinet comes equipped with everything you'd want, or need, to become a full time gamer."

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Menchi3018d ago

Costs $90,000... I could make the same thing for like, $5k at most.

Captain Qwark 93018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

idk about 5 k but def for no more than 15-20. def a rip off

also a couch, bigger screen, better surround sound, and all the game stuff would run much cheaper than both and be far more practical since it could double as your living room entertainment center. i see zero reason why this would even be made

ChronoJoe3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Nah you can make that for 5K, you can get the parts for the arcade sticks for about 400. You can rip the insides out of some Madkatz TE sticks if you like.

Then obviously you need to do a little carpentry but the wood is only going to cost you a few hundred at most. The chairs, okay, maybe 300-500 each, so we're up to about 1.5k now.

Then the TV, maybe 800? doesn't really seem that large, the driving wheel is a logitech g27 by the looks of it, with pedals those are going to cost you about 300 (600 if you want two then of course).

PS3 is another 200-300. Only up to about 3k! Obviously depends on your skillset though, you may need to hire a carpenter to make the cabinet itself, which might cost 1-2k, which would bump it up close to 5k... but yeah... 90k? wow what a ripoff. That's nearly a 200% markup.

These should be sold for 5-8k realistically. Bit of a markup for the craftmenship involved, but there's nothing special here.

Edit: Oh I forgot speakers, probably a couple hundred. They look like they're just stereo, maybe with a sub, pretty poor really!

Captain Qwark 93018d ago

well the wood would need to be bought, cut, pieced together and finished with paint and what not. so wood, screws, hinges, paint, etc. i see the cabinet costing upwards in the 1000 area to make and thats provided you can diy and have all the tools available to you already, if not then those purchase would need to be factored into the cost as well.

800 for a 55" tv is fine provided you want a low quality. samsung or sony will cost around 1200

the rest i agree so maybe between 5-10. either way, 90,000 is crazy overpriced lol

ChronoJoe3018d ago

@Captain Quark

Yeah sorry I'm English and since this is dollars I had to guesstimate some stuff. :P

I know people who've made arcade cabinets for under 2 grand though, nice ones based on the hori vlx. Not quite as grand as this though since they were only used for fighting games.

Didn't realise the TV was a 55" so 1200-1500 definitely seems more reasonable, maybe a little more. 6-9k seems like a fairer price to sell this for that considered.

Still, absolutely absurd markup on this thing at present.

Baka-akaB3018d ago

Mind blowing ? For such a price i'd expect a better screen at least .

Lvl_up_gamer3018d ago

I was just thinking the exact same thing.

Screen is too small for my likings.

thebudgetgamer3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Mind blowing price, geez at least hook it up with a giant television.

Wigriff3018d ago

Er... no. For $90,000? Pfft. I could make an end-all home theater for that much.

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The story is too old to be commented.