Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition Trailer - Tekken Ball Returns Confirmed

Tekken Ball is coming back to Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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SonyNGP2970d ago

Tekken Ball? Oh god yes!

KUV19772970d ago

Makes sense it's only available on WiiU. The PS360 couldn't handle the ball physics.

On a serious note, I hope they add that to the other versions via patch.

MaideninBlack2970d ago

I can see Harada's twitter feed now.

"Y no Tekken ball for PS3/360?!"
"What a ripoff! This should be in all versions!"
"I'm not buying a WiiU. I want Tekken ball on my system!"
"Harada, u suck."

chanmasta2970d ago

Looks like you were sorta right, look at the post beneath this one.

SAE2970d ago


i entered the article to say tekken must be in every device , it's an amazing game , but what i get is a hit with that ball on my balls , why make it exclusive to the wii u !!! isn't ps3 gamers deserve this ?!!!..

unfair T_T

Jadedz2970d ago

Iove the Nintendo costume customizations.

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