DOOM Review

DOOM, when you say that name you immediately think of guns, big red blobs and lots of blood and I mean lots. The question being is the 360 arcade version as good as its original bretherin ?

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Sphinx5915d ago

The best XBLA game to date!

T-Rac5915d ago

100% agree i havent bought a single retro game of the arcade (i just think retro games are dull), but DOOM is so different...

aweosme game

calderra5914d ago

Guevara, you also routinely post anti-Xbox and anti-Microsoft articles (at least lately). Not too surprising you haven't bought any retro titles.

I got Geometry Wars as soon as I possibly could, and I've loved it ever since. AMAZING game.

And just think about it- DOOM. With splitscreen. WITH SPLITSCREEN! OMG!!! Heh.

T-Rac5914d ago

lol do I really, give me some links involving something 360 being slammed...

TOM5914d ago

As I write this ,I've been playing trough doom again on my old 32X and have worked my way up to level 15.This new is welcome,for me I continue to play game decades after their release if the are great ,and this tilte was great.This will be added to my hudge list of xla titles.

BeastfromdaEast065914d ago

Right now I'm ranked #6 on leaderboards, anybody wanna challenge me on a ranked match?? I'm a Doom fiend. :)

Gamertag is: BeastfromdaEast