Dead Island Riptide Dev: We're 'happy' with PS3/360 performance, no HD texture pack for PC

"Dead Island: Riptide team is quite satisfied the current performance level of the PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s a bit logical that at this stage in the generation when developers are trying to push consoles to their limits, the performance level will be found wanting inspite of all the optimizations."

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decrypt2974d ago

"Dead Island Riptide Dev: We're 'happy' with PS3/360 performance, no HD texture pack for PC"

Lol should reword that to "No HD texture pack for PC from the Devs".

PC gamers arent limited to what devs think is good enough, if the game is good you can be assured the modding community would have come out with Hi res texture packs.

ab5olut10n2974d ago

i wonder if they actually verbalized the quote marks

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

meh... Day z for me!

Eldyraen2974d ago

Disappointed by no HD texture pack for the PC but as decrypt said, someone will do it themselves at some point. Hopefully they will optimize a bit better and add other PC centric settings this time though as even without textures there are other options that can make a huge visual impact (again mods can do this but its not the same as having real Dev support). Lets just hope it wont be quite so bloomy this time.

tigertron2974d ago

The original is very buggy and glitchy with frame rate and graphics issues. I hope they've sorted it out for Riptide.

aquamala2974d ago

maybe at launch? I got this few months back, haven't seen any issues.

jeromeface2974d ago

look harder, not hard to find

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