Why the Obsession with Reviews?

Mr. Nash looks at how gamers seem to put a lot more focus on reviews than any other sort of article discussing their hobby.

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3020d ago
TheLyonKing3020d ago

In simple terms they are used:

1. To help unsure people
2. for people to justify purchases
3. for (if it is exclusive) fanboys to gloat
4. To help make game of the year choices easier

zgoldenlionz3019d ago

Good points. Also for me even if I really want a title there's things I need to know before spending 60+tax on something I won't be able to return.

I don't always pay attention to a really great review or a really bad review but if every review talks about glitches or awful framer ate then I know my money's better spent elsewhere.


I'll give you some reasons.

Ninja Gaiden 3
Resident Evil Racoon City
REsident Evil 6

Just to name a few.

TukkerIntensity3020d ago

I don't bother with reviews anymore. Between Giant Bomb Quick Looks + Total Biscuit WTF series I get all I need to know before buying a game without all the crap you get in a review.

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