Wii U TV campaign launches next week, 60-second ad to air during X Factor

Nintendo promises "fresh and different" ad campaign for Wii U. Tulisa not guaranteed.

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mrbojingles3026d ago

It's super important they get this right. They say they will focus on why it is an important next-gen device.

I'm up for Wii will rock U, using the Queen song during a montage of course.

ninjabake3026d ago

wii u naysayers finally get the ads they so desperately needed for whatever reason.

live2play3026d ago

They just like to bash anything they can.

They even complain that the pro controller is too light... the thing they are going to hold for long play sessions needs to be heavier...?

Like nintendo makes cheap products... freaking wii remotes break tvs

Neonridr3026d ago

and they complain that the gamepad is too heavy when it only weighs 1 pound. My iPad weighs 1.5 lbs and I have no problem holding that thing.

Or they complain that the touch screen doesn't support multi-touch, yet the only use for multi-touch seems to be a pinch-zoom. I can't remember any games I've played on my ipad that have relied on multi-touch. Taps, double-taps, swipes, drags, or drawing seem to be the main uses. Uses which the Wii U gamepad's touch screen support just fine.

neogeo3026d ago

"freaking wii remotes break tvs"

And after you pull the Wii mote out of the broken TV they still work like new.

Perjoss3026d ago

That rubber casing for the wii remote that Nintendo offered people for free was not to protect the wii remote from the rest of the world, it was to protect the rest of the world from the wii remote.

live2play3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Your soul is mine...wiiu

ronin4life3026d ago

That should totally be their marketing catchphrase...

"Whu ... what are you, and why are you in mah living room??
"I am WiiU. You're soul is mine"


... would be funny... but I don't think it would help it sell...>.<

corrus3026d ago

And of course have to have chicks and Microsoft and Nintendo are the same always using chicks to sells their consoles only Sony not using chicks

beerkeg3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

You do know the woman in the picture is a judge on X Factor don't you corrus? She's not actually in the advert.

Rockoman163026d ago

"Sony not using chicks", what do they use then?, shemales? σ___σ

TheLyonKing3026d ago

Thats the best target market to go to, 14-21 year old girl and people with the iq of a table spoon

cleft53026d ago

You do realize that Sony and Microsoft target this audience also.

TheLyonKing3026d ago

What has that got to do with anything?

ChickeyCantor3026d ago


You sure you're not a fork?

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The story is too old to be commented.