5 Awesome Online PS3 Games | Only slightly over a decade ago, the word ‘gamer’ conjured images of a lonely slob sat in his mother’s basement, shunning the outside world in favour of FFVII. Thankfully that stereotype died sometime around the launch of the PS2: today ‘gaming’ is more likely to conjure images of 14 year olds screaming ‘hilarious’ insults down their Xbox Live headsets while the rest of us try to play in peace. How much of an improvement this might be is debatable, but it’s undeniable that gaming as a solitary pastime is dead.

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RandomManA2971d ago

Um, in regards to the excerpt - can't read the full article at work - as far as it being undeniable that gaming as a solitary pastime being dead, actually, I'd like to deny that. I personally spend about half my gaming time playing solo, and plenty of games still come out with no multiplayer and do well. I would say the societal view of gamers being loners is undeniably dead, that I wouldn't argue with.