CCP: Dust will outlive PlayStation 3

GI - "We've got a five year road map with a whole load of things we'd love to put into Dust"

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BX812971d ago

When does the game release on PSN? I'm looking forward to it.

SolidDuck2970d ago

I'm excited to see how this game turns out in the end, they have very lofty goals that's for sure. But they need to nail that gameplay first. Last time I played the beta, the framerate was still too slow, graphics were to blury, and the upgrade system was too convoluted and confusing. I understand that's what a beta is for. I'm just saying they have some serious work to do if they want it to have that kind of lasting power.

HammadTheBeast2970d ago

I agree, it's a solid MMO, but the FPS is somewhat lacking.

DethWish2970d ago

See there, CCP will love you even if you dont spend any money of the game, because just by being there and being good you can be damn sure someone else will :D

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