Assassin’s Creed 3: 6 Reasons To Buy It Instead Of Black Ops 2

WC - Autumn is upon us. The nights are drawing in, the air is colder and there are crisp leaves underfoot. It really is quite a lovely time of year. But sod all that because for gamers, the autumn means ‘NEW GAMES!’ and two of the year’s most highly anticipated games are on the verge of release.

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Xof2976d ago

The people on the fence about this are probably the same people trying to decide between Romney and Obama.

MasterD9192976d ago

AC3 will be far more epic and "revolutionary".

NewShadow1012976d ago

black ops 2 will sell well due to the fanbase anyways, but personally im tired of it. i was hoping medal of honor was going to pull a rabbit outta its ass and be somewhat on par with CoD so i could play a new military FPS but that was asking too much i guess because the beta is disappointing... maybe i havent given enough time on it. anyways AC3 has made leaps in animation imo just all the little things they pay attention to adds up to a grand "revolution" (lol @MasterD919) in animation. from a graphical standpoint im being pulled both ways... its not a leap from any AAA game but considering its open world, it looks amazing. i put it at the top with the others (not naming any due to disagrees) just for the graphical direction. but cant put my finger on what direction that is lol