Dynasty Warriors Developer Teases New Game

Omega Force, the studio responsible for Koei's numerous Dynasty/Samurai Warriors titles over the years, has a new game announcement coming soon.

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zeal0us3026d ago

Dynasty Warrior 8? Dang I haven't even play DW7 yet. Just wondering how is DW 7?

amaguli3026d ago

Honestly, just like any other DW. I know that there are some changes in 7, but unless you are hardcore you won't really notice them.

Aysir3026d ago

Ignore the negative comments made by people who don't even play Dynasty Warriors - makes me wonder why they bother clicking on a link to do with it...
DW7 was brilliant. The story was the best it's ever been, with attention to following the source text and continuing the story through to the fourth Kingdom's rise (Jin). The cutscenes are well done, and there's a lot of characters and move sets. It's still not as challenging as DW3 was and there's a lack of extra modes that even the XL doesn't solve. But if you've liked DW - this is a really good iteration of the series.

amaguli3026d ago

How is that a negative comment? I just said that if you are not a hardcore DW fan, the changes are not that noticeable. I didn't say it was a bad game or anything like that.

blackblades3026d ago

Agreed, tired people of people bashing on it, most of them haven't even played DW7 so they don't know how good it is and relying an older game they played.

Tonester9253026d ago

I've played all of them since the ps2, this was okay. Maybe more enemies on screen, little new special effects here and there. It's okay. It's JUST like the PS2 games. Which is good and bad.

I like DW7 but it's like the same "improvments" as COD.

Wish they made it more gorey and mature.

Britainz-Fin3st3026d ago

Dynasty warriors needs to die. I really loved dynasty warriors 2 that was when I was like 8

Der_Kommandant3026d ago

Dynasty Warriors what are you doing?,

Dynasty Warriors STAHP!!!!!

r213026d ago

I heard this was a mobile game called Dynasty Warriors Slash...i hope im wrong.

Andreas-Sword3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The new game will be Dynasty Warriors 8 !!
I think for the PS3 and Xbox360. Or for the PS4 and Xbox720.

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