New Ingame Forza 2 Screenshots.

Some new Images of Forza 2 taken off a TV, Looks very Impressive, Awesome damage on that BMW.

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Marriot VP6211d ago

looks awesome, lighting looks crisp. Too bad their off screen

power of Green 6211d ago

Well done for only being 60% complete.

calderra6211d ago

Even the devs admit they have a lot of work to do graphically... but as said elsewhere, compare Forza(1)'s demo to the actual game- a night and day difference.

The same's probably happening here. Only it already looks great, and the big coat of polish to go on it from here will make it incredible.

Gamer136211d ago

Wow i just can,t wait to get my hands on this game, just a big wow, this is why GT HD won,t come near forza 2.

I hope they release the full game march 2007.



specialguest6211d ago

what does World of Warcraft have to do with this game? lol

anyway, i think this game will be a better game than GTHD, because GTHD is just a polished version of an old game.

Donkey Slayer6211d ago

I hope the framerate ends up at 60fps

hawk126211d ago

What are these people talking about?
Completly s**t!

Shadow Flare6211d ago

seriously, i was thinking the same thing. What the hell are those screenshots.

A couple of the screens are ok. The damage is complete crap. Sorry but the damage is CRAP, it's not even damage. Its a bumper that's snapped off. Forza always has this really bad damage physics, just so they can say the cars have 'damage'. If you drove that BMW 150mph into a wall in that game, are you going to get a 'burnout' style crash? Nope. The front bumper will snap off, maybe the paint will scuff up...it's crap

I have to take into consideration that these pics were taken from a tv, but it doesn't look like anything spectacular at all. It's not making me say, 'Wow, i've never seen graphics that good before'. Whereas i did with GTHD. And Forza is supposed to be one of those games that displays great graphics and really shows wha the 360 is capable of.

ps. i think the gameplay of Forza 2 will be better than GTHD. However i think GT5 will slaughter Forza 2. But this article is about screenshots, so thats why i was talking about graphics

MoonDust6211d ago

That like saying Forza 3 will own GT5. Gt6 will Forza 3, Forza 4 will own GT6... Get it?

Shadow Flare6211d ago (Edited 6211d ago )

maybe i didn't protray my thoughts properly

i meant, i think GT5 will slaughter Forza 2 in terms of gameplay. And of course graphics.

By the way GT5 will include car damage. And whenever Polyphony Digital want to do something in Gran Turismo, they want to do it perfectly. So expect the damage in Gran Turismo 5 to be out of this world. Not just a front bumper snapping off

Bundle that with online play for GT5, the photo-realistic graphics, the hundreds of incredibly detailed cars (That's based on previous gran turismo's. Why would they not do that for GT5?)

Personally i don't think the gameplay for GTHD will be great at all. Purely because its not a proper GT. Its just a taster for the ps3.

There's a reason why Gran Turismo is the benchmark of all racing games and its held in such high esteem. It's the real driving simulator and it will be out of this world

calderra6211d ago

"whenever Polyphony Digital want to do something in Gran Turismo, they want to do it perfectly"

-Like the 100% completion glitch in GT2?
-Like the 2D background in photo mode?
-That they've never gotten the "big" manufacturers (Porsche, Lamborghini...)?
-Like the lack of oft-promised features (drag racing)?
-Like how the AI has sucked since GT1 and basically hasn't ever gotten any improvement thus far?

I love Gran Turismo, too. But they have some massive problems they need to work on.

nambo6211d ago

Where are you getting your information about GT5 from? That game is probably over a year away from release. All you fanbots talk like you have crystal balls. Stop drinking the Sony kool-aid and base your comment on what we have today, not something you had a wet dream about last night. Wake up.

Wotbot6209d ago

Yep I agree, just like GTHD is complete sh#t.

I am also blind.

Both games look about equal in the graphics dept when you look at the game play videos.

But Forza has better game play for me than GT. But I will be willing to try both to find out.

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