Gamer-Rider: Borderlands 2 Review

"From firing my first few rounds I found that the shooting mechanism in the game has undergone some changes as well, and it's all for the better. In the first Borderlands you shoot with R2, but for this one, it has been mapped onto the R1 button giving it a less awkward feel. It also feels much more satisfying somehow to kill whatever that's in front of you as the controls overall feel smoother and inspire confidence that helps you be a little more badass in combat. You don't feel like you want to run away with your tail between your legs as you face off against some huge monsters and bad asses; but inevitably, you'll end up hanging on for dear life as there are some crazy suicidal maniacs that would just love to make a necklace out of your mutilated body parts! Speaking of combat, Gearbox has managed to breath life into that as well; the AI is a lot better than in Borderlands where they simply stood there. In Borderlands 2, each encounter feels fresh as the AI can move around and flank you, rush you, and in my case, kill you repeatedly if you're not up to par. The amount of guns in this game is simply "insane"; it seems as though Gearbox consulted with Xzibit on this one because I'm pretty sure that there were guns with other mini guns inside them, allowing you to shoot... while shooting?!" - Gamer-Rider

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