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wishingW3L3021d ago

more like looking generic as hell. X(

Larry L3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Yeah, looks really good. Honestly not as gorgeous as the PC version maxed out, but that is to be expected. And really, all that seems to be noticably missing is the INTENSE lighting effects and fog effect. The foliage looks pretty much the same.

I can't believe I'm actually considering paying a subscription to play a game. I always swore I wouldn't. I havn't decided YET, but I'll know after I play the beta, and get a little more info (most importantly, if I can put the game on my 2nd PS3 and play online with my father without paying for 2 subscriptions. This is very important to me as a broke-ass gamer).

$15 a month is gonna be an issue as well. Hopefully they lower that a bit. Maybe a discount for Plus would be nice, $100 for a year perhaps. I wouldn't mind the sub fee if the game were free to download, but buying the game AND a sub-fee may push me to "opt-out" unfortunately.

Blackcanary3021d ago

Start saving ur money now. Or if it comes out before X mass get someone to buy it as ur x mass present.

Spenok3021d ago

Well sorry to disappoint you, but if you want to play with your father (or anyone else for that matter) you are going to need a second subscription. You WILL be able to put the account on your other PS3 though, however you will only be able to log in the account on one PS3 at a time.

I also doubt seeing a subscription decrease anytime soon. They had lowered it down to $10 for people playing it until 2.0 launches, and will be bringing it back up.

And as for a PS+ discount, I also doubt seeing that. It just doesn't seem to make to much sense business wise.

Though I guess there is one (potential) shining light on your wishes. MOST MMO's when they launch, have some sort of legacy program (or something similarly named) where if you pay upfront X amount of $$, it end's up being like $8.99 a month. Though that's usually about $120 a year I believe.

Now I have no idea if SE plan on doing that for this, seeing as how it has already been out for more than two years. Maybe they will make an exception for PS3 subscribers and anyone else that decides to start playing. As this is a RElaunch and all.

and @ BLackcanary

They have already said the game will be coming out early next year. So Christmas is unfortunately out of the question.

hkgamer3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

is this game f2p?
also wondering if there is mic support and do pc gamers use that or just use ventrilo/skype?

if dc universe was released as a f2p than it may have made a bigger and better impact. shame that it flopped

Dno3021d ago

no ff will never be F2p it never was never will be and no MMO has mic support.

iXenon3021d ago

"no MMO has mic support" -Dno, someone who has never played an MMO

hkgamer3021d ago

just wondering if the reboot also meant that it was goin f2p.
must be really annoying to party up with ps3 players if they have have no access to a mic. could imagine boss battles being a pain if no one is talking to each other.

Dno3021d ago

ok let me change that very few MMOs have mic support

Blackcanary3021d ago

Final Fantasy 11 online never had mic support and nether will FF 14 online make sure you get a key board and mouse when playing this or the mini keyboard u can get for the dual shock 3. cause you will be typing to communicate

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Lovable3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Yes I believe this will be f2p.

Me and my friend are waiting for this

Unlimax3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

No sadly it won't .. i personally wish this game was B2P or even F2P on the PS3 version .. it has a subscription fee now .. but in the future maybe not !

TheLyonKing3021d ago

It won't be free, square have put alot of hours into this and need a good return on it.

wishingW3L3021d ago

what consoles need is a f2p game like Guild Wars 2!

Spenok3021d ago

Speaking of console MMO's I wonder what ever happened to the Sony/NCsoft deal. :/

ClimateKaren3012d ago

I know this is old, but for the record, GW2 is not F2p. It does not have a subscription. The two mean very different things.

Spenok3021d ago

As Skate says, Beta in November, and release sometime early next year.

Chapulin3020d ago

Thnx guys! Hope to see u in the beta.

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