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TB writes: Despite a solid core in the middle, Resident Evil 6 is a troubled game. That core is too often obscured by unclear mechanics, bad instructions, and poorly implemented quick time events.

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zu4G2976d ago

this review is a complete TROLL

General Shrooms2976d ago

the review isn't good, but 4/10 sounds about right.

caseh2976d ago

Not being funny or anything but there is no way that RE6 is flawed to the extent of it getting 4/10.

I can't even recall the last time a truly sh*t game came along and got a 4/10.

ikkokucrisis2976d ago

I'm liking this game better than the new madden and nba2k. I sold those, but I'm keeping this one :)

CLOUD19832976d ago

I think that this score is too generous for a garbage game like RE6 but at least it's lower than what some other brainless dudes give it.

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