Will Final Fantasy destroy itself?

Earlier this month, the video game company Square Enix announced the next current-gen installment of its critically acclaimed “Final Fantasy” series. The series, which has been in the hands of almost every role-playing game lover, has been receiving more and more negative feedback since the 2010 release of “Final Fantasy XIII”. The game sold well and was praised for its breathtaking graphics, but it was slammed by critics and fans for its extremely linear story progression and overwhelming mythology.

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Ranma12202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

I think Square Enix is trying hard to kill FF, based on this quote from SE, when asked about the future of FF:

"Mass Effect and Fallout allow the players to play with more freedom, and within their story-lines it is quite successful. But we're more interested in things such as first person shooters like Call of Duty." [Quote from Square Enix, Motomu Toriyama]


darthv722202d ago

I really enjoyed the NES and SNES era of FF games. Sadly i may be the only one on this site to have NEVER played FF7, 8 or 9 but I do have 10 on ps2 and 13 on 360 (actually just the 1st two discs but was $5)

the series has been such a confusing one to me because I can only associate a few of the versions with each other but as a whole it all falls under the name of "Final Fantasy". That would lead someone to think the games are all related. They very well could be but unfortunately I have not played every version to experience that for myself.

If memory serves, before 13 went multi it was being praised as the next big game in the series (obviously). It was the 1st on the new PS3 just as 10 was the 1st on the PS2 so there was certainly allot riding on it.

But then, it was announced it would be multi and it seemed like no matter the fact the game was coming to the ps3, people were seriously pissed it was coming to the 360. We can speculate that the simple fact the game was no longer exclusive that it would suck. I have to ask why?

we all know changes are made to games during their development cycles. things added/removed but to put the sole blame on the quality of the game, the type of gameplay on the 360 is really crazy. For all we know, the design of the game that was released was the idea they had in mind from the beginning.

Stuff removed would obviously be the scapegoat and the 360 obviously the platform to blame because it was THE thing to do now that the game was no longer exclusive. I'm sorry. I just dont get it.

The franchise would likely kill itself not because of exclusivity but because they run out of ideas to keep this fantasy from reaching its finale'.

NewMonday2202d ago

FF is already dead

it's like zombie now

only thing left is to shoot it in the head

delta-sniper2202d ago

The reason you cant associate any of them is because they aren't meant to be associated. each one is an individual final fantasy meaning it should be the only game of its kind and there should be no sequel. There are a few linking factors though like Chocobos and Cid.

camel_toad2202d ago

Yeh square has already summoned Bahamut down on Final Fantasy. It's doomed unless someone with talent gets hired.

Irishguy952201d ago

Look, from a non biased point of view(at least I try), FFXIII sucked because it sucked, I don't care what the reason or excuse, great RPGS have been made on the 360 including Multiplat games. FFxiii was just bad because it was. So wha tif a few extra hours content was removed, that wouldn't save 30-50 hour game from simply being bad

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wishingW3L2202d ago

I remember reading a similar quote but that one you posted there is completely ridiculous. =0

zerocrossing2202d ago

No, but Wada just mite kill it... :/

Number-Nine2202d ago

I loved FF13 but found FF13-2 to be a complete waste of time.
I know it probably didn't take long to develop since all the set pieces were already in place but c'mon. No need for a 3rd game in FF13 universe.....unless it's vs13. -_-

tweet752202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

good point

Megaton2202d ago

I've abandoned the series, and I had gone all obsessive completionist on every main entry from 6 on the SNES to 12 on PS2.

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