Moore outlines Microsoft's 100m Xbox vision

The X06 line-up might have impressed the games industry, but Xbox boss Peter Moore has conceded that Microsoft must work harder to attract new gamers if it is to match arch rival Sony and "hit 100 million".

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jules6354d ago

ok tell me if you hit 100 million is that a win? they have alot to go to hit that but i think anyone that hits even 25 million ...is a winner....sony makes so much off the ps2 and sell so many because they they have problems pretty often causing the need to buy 2 or 3 of them...although my 1st xbox has just broke also...so it hits everybody....my 360 however is flawless and is the best console i have ever owed....i would think any console that can sell 20 million or more this gen would be able to produce a a viable fan base for the gen after now....more now than everconsumers & gamer even more so are open to change...i do hope all 3 systems do well but hope my 360 gets ridiculus support....


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