Was The Mechromancer Worth The Borderlands 2 Pre-order?

DualShock Nexus: Borderlands 2 is without a doubt one of 2012's most satisfying sequels, but for many players that couldn't decide which character to choose, they now have the option to try out the new Mechromancer class. Gaige The Mechromancer was originally set as extra incentive to pre-order the game, and now that she's a playable character, one question remains. Was this new character worth pre-ordering Borderlands 2?

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MmaFan-Qc3027d ago

No, the game itself was preorder worthy.

WillGuitarGuy3027d ago

Of course. I preordered the game for the game but the new class was a plus.

CrimsonessCross3027d ago

Quite correct and well said :)
I am glad I pre-ordered and am able to try her out\ because she plays entirely different than any other class, as any class obviously should.

AO1JMM3027d ago

Same here and I got the game for a whopping 37 US$ on GMG so it was definitely well worth it it. Great game

joab7773027d ago

Exactly. I understand the sentiment but the question was wrong. Is the mechromancer a character worth of your time or does she stack up to the others or is she simply a gimmick? Something along those lines. Cuz, even if there wasnt a pre order incentive, it was worth making sure u got ur copy.

ceballos77mx3027d ago

5 bucks l, totally worth it.

PRHB HYBRiiD3027d ago

Yes it was.
It's a fun and very powerful character plus it adds like 30 hours of gameplay if u wanna max it out legit.
So imo it was worth the pre-order :)

Feylynn3027d ago

Anarchy is the single best feature in borderlands 2. So yes.
Mechromancer is best.

CrimsonessCross3027d ago

The feature is such a double-edged sword! :P I love it! I wish they could do something like it for other classes :3 and Deathtrap just rips through enemies :)

Although I was more interested in the game than the character it was entirely worth it. And as others have said it is a plus/bonus that is actually really worthwhile.

LackTrue4K3027d ago

DAM IT!!! i bot the DLC day one, i played it for an hour. then my controller broke!!! a Left trigger broke suck watching youtube videos and commenting on N4G. :/
I got to level 6, and ya...i was enjoying the small time i had with it!!

GearSkiN3027d ago

any pre order extra is worth it. its extra why not...

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The story is too old to be commented.