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GAMINGtruth's own Indie Games Editor Derek Strickland delivers the verdict on Din's Curse, the amazing action RPG dungeon crawler from Soldak Entertainment.

"Din’s Curse is a formidable release in the expanding marketplace of dungeon crawlers, one that provides near limitless playtime with high replay value while staying true to the genre’s classic feel. Soldak has created a winner in Din’s Curse and its DLC Demon War, creating an impressive fantasy world full of evil demons and endless dungeons that adequately define the genre.

With a multitude of character possibilities, a huge expansive collection of loot, randomized dungeons, and a quirky and different style, Din’s Curse has proven itself a worthy addition to any RPG fan’s library." --Derek S. GAMINGtruth.com

Din's Curse is now available for PC on Steam for $9.99, and the accompanying Demon War DLC for $4.99.

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Deeke4151d ago

This is definitely a must-have for all action RPG fans. If you love Torchlight and Diablo, you'll assuredly love this slice of Indie goodness.


Din’s Curse Review (Invision Game Community)

Over the past years, numerous Diablo clones have popped up everywhere. Since Blizzard released Diablo, there have been a lot of games featuring dungeons and loot collecting.

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Din's Curse Review (Proven Gamer)

In a culture of gaming that often demands a constant stream of new substance and material, it is quite ambitious to reignite some of the basic mechanics that many great games-of-old flaunted. Din’s Curse takes what seems to be a leap back in time, implementing components that many Diablo, Gauntlet and Warcraft fans will immediately recognize...

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AmigoSniped4193d ago

This game looks really interesting, I haven't heard much about. Might pick it up.

Mutant-Spud4193d ago

I played the demo on the weekend, it's quite good, lots of risk v reward situations and as the blurb on their site says "Like Diablo but with dungeons that fight back".
There are also a bunch of modifiers you can put on the game when you start a new town, they set the conditions for victory and such, that could add a lot of replay value. Hey it's $8.99, I've paid more for a Hamburger, it's a good deal even if it's not an up to the minute game in terms of graphics and bells n whistles.


Din’s Curse Update Adds Randomize Button On New Character Screen

Soldak Entertainment has released new updates for fantasy action RPG Din’s Curse, available for download now from the Soldak site. Along with many other things, these updates add a Randomize button to the new character screen to randomly choose a character’s name, class, and options.

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