Microsoft announcing 'something' in Japan next week

Microsoft has revealed on the Japanese version of Inside Xbox that it is planning to announce something in the third week of February, which is next week. Microsoft wouldn't comment on the size or the announcement of what the announcement will be about. Rumors are now spreading about multiple things.

It could be that Microsoft is announcing a new bundle for Japan, or a release date for a future game or maybe even a official price cut. It could also be something way smaller than that, considering Microsoft is celebrating the Xbox's 6th birthday in Japan next week. We will just have to wait and see what Microsoft has in store for us and the Japanese gamers.

Rikitatsu5967d ago

Seriously its pretty much dead in japan

sonarus5967d ago

if its not a final fantasy they shouldnt bother. Giving up in Japan would be a mistake they can't win in Japan for sure but quickness to abandon Japan wouldnt fare to well for them in the eyes of the consumer

wageslave5967d ago

Dont be silly. This industry is not a regional one, its global. And MS looses far less than it gains by not maintaining their Japan work.

Sure the user base is smaller than NIN or SNY, but its not as if they arent growing their user-base.

And, it needs to keep the market open for 3rd parties.

TheTwelve5967d ago (Edited 5967d ago )

Wow...I can't even imagine how much money Microsoft has thrown into what is for them a giant Japanese toilet-bowl. Microsoft is only keeping the bowl with the lid up due to pride and image. Just as they named their next console "360" instead of "2" so as to not appear in anyway less than Sony, they can't give up in Japan even though billions upon billions of dollars have gone down the drain there.


socomnick5967d ago

Although the Xbox isnt selling very well in japan it cant just drop the whole region. That would be unjust to the fans that might live in that area.

antoinetm5967d ago

leaving japan behind would be a disaster for the 360 in term of public relations toward consumers and developpers.

You cant hope to develop a strong brand with that kind of behaviour..

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DarkSniper5967d ago

Microsoft's announcement could possibly be that they are officially ceasing XBOX 360 production in Japan. Which is extremely delighting news for Dark Sniper, their console is simply not wanted in the homeland of many great game developers.


leon765967d ago

Ahahahahah... it would be a great new!!

BrianC62345967d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. They might as well. I don't think they'll ever make a dent in Japan. Japanese gamers just hate them. Why bother? Even the big games they get that Japanese gamers might like end up flopping. Maybe their announcement will be the 360 is now free in Japan. Games too. That might get them so help in Japan.

ThaGeNeCySt5967d ago

Probably nothing big at all.

THE_JUDGE5967d ago

for the 360 going to the Japanese Xbox Live Arcade.

rawd5967d ago

Apparently it's the new Hiroshima bundle with Dualshock controllers for added nuclear realism