Nintendo confirms New Super Mario Bros U will be 1080p

Nintendo revealed today that New Super Mario Bros U will run in full hd at 1080p. Previously the game had only been shown in 720p. Good news for Wii U buyers!


MAJOR NEWS: Nintendo has since removed the mention of 1080p and now only says "in high definition"

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DaThreats2977d ago

Mario in HD
Jesus of gaming is now back with higher resolution

Samus HD2976d ago

lol.. the messiah is comming!

camel_toad2976d ago

This could have been a Barbie RPG and I would have still been sold because of the 1080p.

I sure do like living in the future!

PopRocks3592977d ago

Odd. I though the first part Nintendo games were 'confirmed' 720p. Oh well, I'm not complaining. Matter of fact I'm happy to be wrong, or at least misinformed. A better looking game is a nice place to solid gameplay.

Neonridr2977d ago

you aren't misinformed. This news is new and unexpected. Nintendo did go on the record to say all their first party games would be 720p for the launch window. Games in the future (Mario, Zelda, Metroid) could be 1080p, but we were under the impression that NSMBU and Pikmin were for sure 720p.

This is great news..

mrbojingles2977d ago

If Pikmin 3 can be 1080p with all those characters on screen I'll be impressed

Neonridr2977d ago

It looks amazing at 720p, but who knows, if they could take some time between now and the launch and tweak it to be in 1080p that would be very impressive. The attention to detail in Pikmin is unreal.

Moonman2977d ago

Nice! Already pre-ordered though.

YoungPlex2977d ago

Give it some time, a lot of Wii U games will run in 1080p. I wouldn't be surprised if they held back Rayman Legends to implement 1080p resolution.

I already know that the haters will be all over this, "Um, it better be in 1080p!" Yea okay!

Looking good Nintendo, keep it coming...

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The story is too old to be commented.