4 Important Elements Games Have Lost Video games have come a long way since their inception. As the capabilities of platforms improved, developers not only set the bar higher, but they helped mature our sense of what was really entertaining. It was this honest foundation that pushed the gaming further and further into the glitz and glamor that now surrounds a multi-billion dollar industry. With gaming having entered an age where getting the customer to buy the product is more important than having them enjoy it, it seems the industry forgot the small but brilliant things that netted it fame in the first place.

Clan Systems – Remember a well-developed version of these in recent games? I don’t. Forgetting to promote competition seems to be common faux paus among today’s developers. The Call of Duty series is a prime example of this, as instead of creating an actual clan system, they left a completely useless tag system that everyone could exploit. Games like Socom: Confrontation are still popular because their clan system is developed to the point that clans have mottos, viewable rosters, menus and exclusive spots in the game.

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attilayavuzer2976d ago

4. Clans
3. Simplicity
2. Customization
1. Creativity

Officially the most vague list in history.

3-4-52976d ago

Not really. but kind of .lol

* Customization is a huge issue I have with games.

Certain games YEARS in 10+ years ago, gave us more customization than we get with games now.

How don't dev's understand that Customization = replayability without them having to add a ton of new story or other content.