Aveline Will Meet Assassin’s Creed III’s Connor In Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for the PlayStation Vita will feature a new female assassin by the name of Aveline. While the game doesn’t follow the same storyline as Assassin’s Creed III on consoles, there will seemingly be some sort of connection between the games.

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phantomexe2973d ago

i hear that you have to have both copies to get the mission where they meet. How do you link the vita and ps3 to get mission how are they doing it?

Godchild10202973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

It could be the say way you link Assassin's Creed 2 and Boodline together. That's the way to get the weapons as for the mission I think its already in the game, so you shouldn't need both copies.

I could be wrong, but there was a Video where they mentioned that she would end up doing a mission with Conner and you could replay the mission over using him or maybe you will play that same mission in the main game. I don't remember.

kingdavid2972d ago

gee thanks for the spoiler.

psvitamanfan2972d ago

I downloaded Assassins Creed Bloodlines to get a bit of portable action on the Vita, to see me through till Assassin's Creed Liberation comes out.

That day cannot come soon enough.

bryam19822972d ago

Is that possible? I didn't know u can play bloodlines in your vita

psvitamanfan2972d ago

Downloaded from PSN, not bad considering it was a PSP game, but after seeing the gameplay videos and screenshots of Assassins's Creed Liberation, I feel like I wasted money.

Eamon2972d ago

But will Connor mee Aveline in AC3?

ironfist922969d ago

Thats what Im hoping for

braydox212972d ago

well i guess well find what happens i know i will i pre-ordered both games at the eb games 2012 expo (freedom edition) not sure what edition i got for liberation do not think there was one.