One Lucky Tokyo Retailer Gets First PS3 Demo Unit.

Sony has taken another major step on its path towards releasing the PlayStation 3, with the Akiba Keizan Shimbun newspaper reporting today that at least one major Tokyo retailer has taken delivery of the first PlayStation 3 demo kiosk. At this rate, the system may actually make it out on schedule!

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BIadestarX5907d ago

lucky? They better put 2 cops next to that thing.

kmis875907d ago

and a cop to guard those cops and a mall security officer to guard that cop and a violent midget to guard that security officer.

BIadestarX5907d ago

kmis87! You are going to get me fired from my Job! "violent midget" made me laught out loud.

pbo2m35907d ago

The " violent midget " is too funny.

calderra5907d ago

"The system is strictly hands-off at this point, but the newspaper reports that customers were stopping to take a look before heading to the register to purchase Pokemon Diamond & Pearl for the DS."

So the demo station isn't playable, there's only one of them, and they aren't really stopping anyone from running for their DS games (as opposed to, say, a resurgance of PS2 interest)...

Wake us up when they're at least playable.

ASSASSYN 36o5907d ago

An empty PS3 case with a dvd playing pre-rendered video of PS3 games. Hands off...since when has a game kiosk been hands off?

WhEeLz5907d ago

"sniff" "sniff" do i smell a hater??

ChickeyCantor5907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

man on the left : DAMN thats a big thing
man on the right:"8-) WOaw GREAT GFX :D a flare and a laser beam ( im sooo gonna tell this to my friend who is a nintendo fan and im gonna bash him that nintendo cant make these render)

now what use do you have with a non-playeble Ps3?