Sony’s Gaikai is Coming to Android, iOS “and Other Mobile Devices”

Gaikai is coming to Android, iOS and more. - PSLS

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GribbleGrunger3021d ago

Definitely. People have overlooked the potential of Gaikai for some reason, but two posts today has suddenly woken them up.

HappyGaming3021d ago

4G+Gaikai would be a sweet combo as long as the data prices become affordable!

Lets see how well 4G will do.

miyamoto3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Its good that Gaikai uses a different technology than Onlive.

Sony is really using the power of its brand name to push this game changing service to literally everyone!

Rated E for Everyone ^_^

Hi, LX General Kaos-chan! answer my questions?

darthv723021d ago

my Samsung GS2 will be the middle man between supporting smart glass and gaikai.

zeeshan3021d ago

Can't wait to play Sony games on my SGSIII :)

RBdrift3021d ago

Can't wait to play Sony games on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 XD

ArmrdChaos3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

So...following previously used logic...any games that appear on Gaikai are no long considered exclusives? I am sure I will enjoy some of these answers.

sikbeta3021d ago

IF true, this will be really great, if end up being only Sony products, they'd screw up themselves, so hope this is true.

ChronoJoe3021d ago

Unfortunately 3G/4G is high on latency even though bandwidth cn can be good. I doubt it will work very well for this. You'll probably need a good Wifi connection to have a good experience.

Still sounds cool though.

kevnb3021d ago

forget 3g/4g... this will be all about lte.

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fei-hung3021d ago

I have a feeling this is not what we think it is.

I dont think it is to do with PSmobile as it doesnt make sense to stream games that are 2mb and 10mb.

I dont think they will allow PS Exclusives to be launched on 3rd party devices.

What I do think Sony will be doing is:

Offer a streaming services across various platforms for the many 3rd party games out there such as Assassins Creed, GTA, Call of Duty etc.

Offer demos of Exclusive games coming out on Sony devices.

Allow cross platform play with Sony devices.

Allow trophy support and other features which tie into PSN.

In other words, Gaikai will be the inbetween link between Official Sony consoles and 3rd party devices. The bridge to test the water before jumping into buying a Sony product if you are unsure.

This is the reason why I think you are right in saying this is a Megaton. This is a service that will be bigger than Sony as for a console maker, this if done right will expand beyond their 4 walls.

ginsunuva3021d ago

Doesn't matter if the device is sony or not, you still have the sony ps mobile platform. It's still sony exclusive game. Doesn't matter what hardware.

WiiUalpha3021d ago

If it is not a Sony device then it isnt exclusive. Exclusive means exclusively on a certain platform and not on any other. When you have games showing up on multiple platforms they are not exclusive. Madden is not exclusive even though its made by EA because it shows up on many platforms.

If I can own a samsung phone and play sone games without needing a Sony device to do so, then those games are not exclusive.

Beastforlifenoob3021d ago

Never been so hyped for a gaming product in my life >:D

Bowzabub3021d ago

Future proof.. And all bases are covered.. Even down to Bluetooth. ( universal controllers)

SilentNegotiator3021d ago

Well, Megaton in the fact that it will serve as a competitor to the failing Onlive platform.

But perhaps with a corporation behind it, it can become larger than Onlive could ever hope.

princejb1343020d ago

sounds awesome
but i wonder how this will work

i was assuming the hardware must still be strong enough to play the games on say an android phone or iPhone regardless if its streaming or not

but if this is possible im 100% behind you sony
bring it on

no more need to go to the local video game store to purchase a game

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doctorstrange3021d ago

If I could plug my DualShock into my iPad and play Uncharted, I'd be so happy.

decimalator3021d ago

Well, you'll probably never be able to use your Dualshock. Apple are dicks about 3rd party devices, especially game controllers. The only way they approved the Gameloft one is it only works with Gameloft games. But I guess if it only worked with Gaikai...

linkratos3021d ago

Are you not aware that the DualShock 3 works natively with Macbook's via Bluetooth?

Half-Mafia3021d ago

The DualShock 3 is bluetooth so it can pair with any iOS device if developers put the inputs into there apps. Apple has no control over what bluetooth device can talk with an iOS device.

Cablephish3021d ago

I rooted my Galaxy S3, so now I can use my Dualshock 3 to play emulator game. Would be cool to see where this goes.

decimalator3021d ago

hmmm, this could be very interesting

Sev3021d ago

I'm happy about this. I'd love to play PS quality games on my iPad. I'm sad enough as is that I can't play PS Mobile games being an Apple fan.

GribbleGrunger3021d ago

But what if they enabled PSMobile games through Gaikai?

joeorc3021d ago

this has always been the move right from the start..kaz even stated this right off the bat.

with the Playstation Mobile development platform.

"PlayStation on iPhone?
What is potentially far more interesting (and wide-reaching) is the promise that we may see PlayStation Suite game downloads made available on Apple's iOS and PCs running Microsoft Windows, if recent comments from Sony boss Kaz Hirai are anything to go by.
"There are a variety of operating systems, but we're focusing first on Android," the Sony Computer Entertainment boss said in a conference this month, as Eurogamer reports.
"There's also Windows, iOS and so forth, but we don't have the resources to make it compatible with everything from the start."
"We're not ruling out PSS even on products like Sony Internet TV Powered by Google [Google TV] if adoption rate increases, or if it will help push adoption greatly. We have a completely open stance with carriers and handset makers."

the first OS was going to be Android, than other OS's yes even Windows and iOS!

doctorstrange3021d ago

The biggest problem is Apple banning competitor apps from their app store. PSM is a competitor store.

HappyGaming3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Thats what I was thinking too until I realised the biggest competitor Apple has is Microsoft.

Plus they are lacking on the gaming front compared to Microsoft which has done all it has to starve Mac users of major games.

miyamoto3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

1) Yeah i remember this last January 2011.
But will Apple or M$ allow this?

Apple has Apple TV in the works and M$ has Xbox Live on Windows 8 mobile & PC?

How about Steam?

2) Since it's a subscription service it all boils down to money into Sony's pockets whichever or whatever way possible.

3) " GAIKAI and the GAIKAI logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Gaikai, Inc. (a Sony Computer Entertainment company). ©2012 Gaikai, Inc. All rights reserved."

Well that sealed the deal.

4) David Perry, eh? so Its Earthworm Jim galore on Gaikai.

5) What about DLCs? Timed Exclusives by M$?

My Samsung Galaxy S2 & S3 is ready for Uncharted!

dbjj120883021d ago

Yeah, because I wanna play PS3 games on my iPhone with digital controls.