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Dealspwn: "On the evidence of our hands-on experience, Far Cry 3 has it all locked down pretty nicely. There are the RPG elements that come with Jason's growing Rakyat tattoo, and the upgrades it brings, allowing players to tailor their character to suit their own style of play. There's the freeform approach to the open world itself, and the fact that nature will do what it wants regardless of your presence. And then there's the story itself: gripping, harrowing, filled with interesting, compelling characters, and unafraid to send you on a (quite literal) mushroom trip to save your friends, before gifting you with a hang-glider and inviting you to forget about the story and have some sandbox fun once again. We know we barely even scratched the surface in three hours, but if Ubisoft can deliver on this promise, Far Cry 3 might just be the first open world game that genuinely refuses to compromise, and maybe even makes us think a little bit too.

Ambitious doesn't even begin to describe it."

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ab5olut10n3021d ago

So excited for this. I still play FC2, massively underrated game.