Germans Show 360 Isn't Their Cup Of Tea

Courtesy of GfK, some sales numbers are in for one of Europe's most important gaming markets: Germany. Covering the holiday sales period (Nov-Dec), they show that while some consoles (like the Wii) performed as expected, others did not. Just look at those 360 numbers, for example. Dire.

Note: for some reason, no PSP numbers were provided.

1) DS - 653,000
2) Wii - 339,000
3) PS2 - 184,000
4) PS3 - 136,000
5) 360 - 56,000

ADD from the news Source :

"Allerdings nimmt Sony mit seiner PS3 nach einem schleppenden Verkaufsstart inzwischen deutlich an Fahrt auf. Laut GfK hat der Konzern von März bis Dezember 2007 insgesamt 309.000 PS3 verkauft. Das ist mehr als doppelt so viel wie Microsoft mit seiner vergleichbaren Xbox 360 im gesamten Vorjahr geschafft hat."

Allthough Sonys Ps3 had some rough sales problems at start its gaining momentum nowadays. According to GfK sony sold 309.000 Units since Launch in Germany wich is more than twice the amount MS sold in the whole Launch Year of the 360

avacadosnorkel5701d ago

I don't think the amount of PS3 sales is anything to brag about here. But GOD love Oktoberfest!

MetalProxy5701d ago

But the 360 is nothing to brag about neither.

sonarus5701d ago

what are you talkin about. besides 360's superior games last yr ps3 still rose out on top. The lead in NA for 360 is thinning fast. If things continue the way they are with 360 sales dwn and ps3 sales on the rise despite the bad press and all what will happen when the press turns good when home drops when psn is revamped(hopefully) mgs4, resistance 2, ff13, gt5, KZ2, little big planet drop ps3 will leave 360 in its dust and set its sights on the wii.

marcellizot5701d ago

I had my first experience of the Oktoberfest last year (I am currently living in Munich) and I have to say I have never seen anything like it. Forget any music festivals you have ever been to, this place had more drunk people per square inch than anything I can imagine.

Great fun though.

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bootsielon5701d ago

In 2002! lol

Germans like quality, duh.