Microsoft's Shane Kim On Fable 2, Why Marvel MMO Was Canceled And More

Why the Marvel MMO didn't make sense anymore. When Banjo is coming out. Whether Mass Effect is still a 360 trilogy. What will be the best-looking game on Xbox 360…

Last Thursday at the DICE gaming summit MTV Multiplayer met with Shane Kim, head of Microsoft Games Studios. They discussed his publishing philosophy and reviewed the status of Microsoft's major first-party gaming franchises one by one.

The sweeping conversation covered Halo, Gears of War, Alan Wake, and the host of other big Microsoft-backed games under his watch. Kim acknowledged that his studios' line-up is more slender than the in-house offerings of Sony and Nintendo, adding that he hoped MGS' reputation is one of "high-quality premium experiences."

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Mr_Kuwabara5097d ago

OMG I was just about to submit this..... -_-


TnS5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

Sorry. :)

Very good interview, in my opinion.

cellypower5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

No Marvel MMO I wanted to see how that would turn out. I am looking forward to fable 2.

Relcom5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

Its so informative. It reveals alot of information about upcoming titles. Great find!!

It pretty much confirms Banjo 3 and Alan Wake for this year.

ThaGeNeCySt5097d ago

I'm not so sure if Alan Wake was confirmed for 2008... when they asked if it was a 2008 game, he said "not necessarily" :(

Kleptic5096d ago

wow...'not necessarily' is now confirmation of a game for this year?...

-EvoAnubis-5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

They canceled the Marvel MMO!? This is the first I'm hearing of it. Why the hell did they do that!? And if they're so pumped about Too Human, why the hell are they burying it by releasing it one week after GTA4?

ThaGeNeCySt5097d ago

the release date hasn't really been confirmed or denied by Silicon Knights or Microsoft... so at this point who knows? I think it's better to either release the game BEFORE GTA IV or some time during the summer when GTA IV's success pushes more consoles to consumers and can potentially have a lot more buyers for the title. But... if it does release May 6th, then RIP Too Human lol

ASSASSYN 36o5097d ago

So according to microsoft no MMO's are going to ever be released.

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