Hands-On: Hitman Absolution (Xbox 360) TGV

The Gaming Vault writes:

"By the time Hitman Absolution makes its bow, it would have been six years since the previous entry in the Hitman franchise. Six long years.

One of the enduring thrills of the series has been the feeling of being able to weaponise the world in any number of ways that you see fit to accomplish your objective. See a target that you must assassinate?

How would you do the deed? Disguise yourself as a chef and poison his food, lure him out of his safe zone and garrote him to death or sneak in, disguised as a member of his security detail and embed a silent hollow-point into the side of his skull when nobody is looking?

I can happily report that in that six-year gap, filled with Ninja's, Kanes and Lynches, the beating heart of the IP remains as earnest as ever; player freedom to approach each mission remains undiminished and yet despite a welcome familiarity to it all, the experience somehow feels a tad diluted; reduced, even."

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