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EuroGamer: "Yet it's still a guilty pleasure and a game worth having around for family gaming time. Angry Birds Trilogy certainly benefits from the more extravagant presentation options that a TV allows, and in bringing Rovio's juggernaut to consoles it has a basic "does what it says on the box" appeal - but there's clearly a lot more that could have been done beyond bluntly porting the levels across."

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RyanDJ3027d ago

3 for the price of one? Sadly,3 for the price of 30.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3027d ago

Glad this is lame. Real games are better.

MasterCornholio3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

What a great deal with each game in the pack costing 10$.

Seriously this is idiotic.

shammgod3027d ago

Angry birds f***ing sucks