Media Create hardware sales (10/1- 10/7)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan. The PS3 sees a big jump thanks to huge Resident Evil 6 sales.

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GribbleGrunger3027d ago

LOL... All I had to do was go to the next page.

As assumed, a nice jump for the PS3. Good numbers in Europe this week could see the PS3 hit the 150,000 mark

GribbleGrunger3027d ago

I meant to put 250,000 sales.

LX-General-Kaos3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

The Nintendo 3DS entertainment system did an amazing job this week on the Japanese gaming hardware charts. Though both models were individually outsold by the temporary sales boost of competing forces. With both models of the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system fused together, it still technically lands the number one spot for the week. Though this time not outselling all competing forces combined thanks to the positive temporary boost of the PS3. Likely due to the recently launched model revision, and the chart topping sales of action adventure 3rd person shooter Resident Evil 6.

On another note the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system has gone on to significantly outsell other competing handheld competitors. Which is a note worthy achievement due to the high levels of competition provided by the newly released software provided by competing forces as of late. In an industry dominated by mobile devices, the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system seems to have cemented a secure spot to survive the hostile takeover of cell phones and tablets. I wish the best of luck to other dedicated gaming handhelds.

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miyamoto3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I knew I will find you here again...

LX are you a member of the N Dub Nation group?

Also I would like to ask you which you enjoy more:
1) playing games?
2) reading Nintendo sales figures?
3) writing & praising about Nintendo sales figures?

How does Nintendo sales figures affect your gaming enjoyment?

Not that I care about sales figures but I care about people's behavior like yours.

What if Nintendo sales are the reverse of what they are today, will you be the way you are now?

Just curious...

LX-General-Kaos3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

After a quick look at your one sided comment history, I now understand why you left me this comment. I think you should be more worried about your own behavior toward another brand. You came to a sales article to criticizes me for talking about sales...

Especially since you spend more time on this site than I do, and have left more comments than I have. Why are you not playing games?

Just curious...

But regardless have a blessed day and happy gaming.

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MightyPatapon3027d ago

Capcom needs to hurry up and announce that Monster Hunter game for PS Vita because under 8,000 is not good at all.

mrbojingles3027d ago

Sorry, it isn't going to happen. Nintendo has been very good to the Monster Hunter series and like it or not it has really improved in popularity in the west with Tri.

I'm not saying they shouldn't make MH for Vita, they should, but honestly why would it be good for Capcom? They'd be making a game for an incredibly small audience. Yes, a Monster Hunter game for Vita would increase the Vita user base exponentially but Capcom isn't Sony. It isn't their responsiblity

GribbleGrunger3027d ago

It isn't up to third party games to help promote hardware? You must be relatively new to gaming. If all third party devs take that attitude then you can kiss goodbye to AAA games and wait for a future of DLC and Mobile phone... games... OH WAIT!

dc13027d ago

MH flourished (tremendously) on the PSP.

Although its nothing wrong with Capcom exclusively releasing MH4 on the 3DS, make no doubt about it, it was not because of a lack of success on the PSP or any other Sony brand.

What this is/was, however, was a very strategic (and smart) move by Nintendo to lock down the game to further bolster sells for the 3DS.. Something that Sony has refused to do consistently in the past.

By the way, I'm not knocking you comment.. just adding my two cents. :)

Piece and love!

mrbojingles3027d ago

@ GribbleGrunger

What does Capcom stand to gain by making a new Monster Hunter for Vita, especially exclusively?

The user base is just too small.

Third parties don't owe Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony anything. They go where the money is, and they shouldn't do it any other way. Right now Nintendo does more for the MH franchise in the west than Sony did, maybe in the future it will stagnant on Nintendo platforms and switch to Xbox or back to Playstation.

But it isn't third parties responisbility to help a platform sell better, take it from Nintendo.

The smart thing for them to do is go where the money is, companies like EA did that by supporting the Genesis, then third parties did this by abandoning the N64 for the PS1, etc. None of them owe the big three console manufacturers anything. The big three have to convince them that their console is the one to develop for.

ronin4life3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

The psp flourished under monster hunter, not the other way around. Furthermore, Nintendo took bilateral steps with capcom to increase the series popularity, something Sony never did and even impeded on by making demands of any mh release in the west.

With the 3ds selling on its own merit and Nintendo helping to promote the series internationally mh will see far more success than it ever did pulling what was a deadweight console for an obviously ungrateful company.

Nintendo has made dozens of these bilateral relationships throughout the industry, especially this gen. Something Sony and Microsoft couldn't be bothered to do.

ronin4life3027d ago

Also @dc1
it's always nice to see smiles and well thought out comments on this site.

High five!


ShaunCameron3027d ago

The turning point was when Capcom decided to make MH3 for the Wii instead of the PS3.

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Clarence3027d ago

Big boost for everyone. Should be a interesting holiday for sales.

AsimLeonheart3027d ago

Why did the Xbox360 get a boost this week?I assume PS3 had a massive jump because of the new super-slim model? But what is the reason for Xbox360?

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