X360 Chips To Go 65nm From 2007.

Murmurs from the more technical corners of the internet suggest Microsoft's about to switch to new processors for the Xbox 360, running cooler to make the machine much more reliable.

The new chips will use a 65nm process to run more efficiently than the console's current 90nm chips.

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D R Fz5908d ago

So what am I supposed to do with my 360. Are they saying that i should have waited until 07 to get one? I mean mine is running fine but I just dont like the fact that my 360 will lack the 65nm process that allows my 360 to run more cooler and efficiently. So are they saying my current 90nm chip is not so reliable? O well, maybe Ms will release an add-on or something to get my 360 up-to-date. If not, what a waste. Can't wait for gears of war. But then again, the hype for this game has died out a lot since last e3 but o well, On to the ps3.

kmis875908d ago

The 65 nm chips keep the same logic design and clock speed so performance should be unaffected. This update should just lower electrical usage and lower heat. All consoles go through hardware revisions to make the successive production runs more stable. MS can't release an add on to make your chips different, but if your 360 does fail then they might replace or repair it like Sony had to do with its early ps2 production runs.

BIadestarX5908d ago

Based on your comments you have nothing to worry about. Leave that (65nm) to the people that actually know what that really means. Just to put help you understand a little without sounding too technical. The 360 will play games the same way; also companies are always trying to find ways reduce manufacturing cost and use better hardware. (i.e. 3 versions (maybe more) of the psp, lots of versions of the ps2). Not rare to see most of the components for any console to be replaced through its lifespan. Most consumers will not know the difference unless they start reading the system specs, which based on your comments you wouldn't understand.

zonetrooper55908d ago

It will make the console cheaper for MS so they will make a profit more easily and as stated above will make the console produce less heat and use less electrial usage i alo think it might make the xbox 360 a litle bit more quieter, not sure so don't quote me on that one!!

Chronical5908d ago

I was actually gonna wait for those chips to come out then buy a 360. but i got impatient and got one 3 weeks ago

Marriot VP5907d ago

good call, and by the way this is kinda old news.

I actually thought they already started using these chips. Anyways performance isn't going to be affected, just the amount of heat radiating off.

Dusk5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

This is very old news. MS talked about this 6 months ago. All consoles do this to save money. It's not like the 360 is receiving a performance upgrade and it also doesn't mean there is anything wrong with current 360s. When this news was released 6 months ago, Sony fanboys tried to use this (as they are now) as proof that the current 360 is flawed. What they don't realize is that the PS2 went through a bunch of these revisions. It's all about companies saving money, anything else is just a bonus. The hardware specs will stay the same throughout the life of the console.

THAMMER15907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

This lets me know that when I buy a 360 for my nephews has less of a chance of being defective or over heating. It is diffidently good news for 360 owners. Look at it this way the reason so many of you PS3 fan boys are on the defensive so strongly is because so many things you guy claim to be fact end up being false. The track record of misinformation and lies is huge.

Your slip is showing big time you to be the member who submitted this article. And just to be real you have the same amount of info about the PS3 as any 360 fan, it’s just that most 360 have not been humiliated in same way you have.

Do not get me wrong I know how ya feel. E3 2005 I was looking forward to the PS3being awesome too. After all of the cut backs and backlash and BR drive,2x HDMI, and the true HD and the $600.00 controversy we just have to wait and see. Xbox fans and Sony converts have an honest reason for the way they feel, they were and have been let down. But when the PS3 is launched we will get to see for ourselves if it is worth it. The longer you bash the 360 which is proven to be a good buy the dumber you will look is the PS3 is lame.

Point* I am a PS3 fan too. But I own a 360. I’m just too real to allow myself to be short changed due to brand loyalty or the desire to win a console war. So just chill.

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