Turn 10 Now Hiring for "Next Big Thing"

Che Chou has updated the Forza Motorsport 2 website with information on Turn 10's looking for experienced game developers to help them work on their 'next big thing'.

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bumnut4996d ago

please put more effort into forza 3 (if thats what it is)

no weather or night races? thats just lazy programming.

Dark_Vendetta4996d ago

Lazy? Did you see how many features they put into the game. I agree that the graphic was mediocre but the gameplay was really great. They should put the old gameplay into a new look

bumnut4996d ago

i meant that the game was boring because all of the races were the same, no weather and no night races or rally mode make for a boring game.

LocustGR4996d ago

Forza Motorsport 2 has been developed too quickly, Imho.
With FM3, they need very skilled developers and (most important) much more time.
I see FM3 to be released in October 2009.
However, Forza Motorsport 2 is a great game.

KYU21304996d ago

If Turn 10 has any sense they will go multi platform on there next big thing or else they will lose out on an increasing number of NON-360 gamers

DarkSniper4996d ago

Projects of mass proportions are best suited for PLAYSTATION® 3. XBox 360 will be cornered once they know that their mediocre franchise will soon see light on PS3. Combine this with the award winning Gran Turismo and you will see PLAYSTATION® 3 become the only console where you can enhance your racing gaming experience.